Manjeri Amrita Vidyalayam forms a link with 29 other schools spread all over Kerala and was founded in 2000. Slowly gathering momentum, we rose to our present dimension with our beloved Amma’s grace and blessings. Our school was started to impart the required right education to students, along with right values to achieve wholesome growth and personality. Amma says that by teaching universal principles and human values at a tender age, students are encouraged to progress in life, build good character, and extend selfless service to society.

With the divine blessings of our Holy Mother Satguru Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, we have completed 19 years. Amma’s presence here on the divine occasion of the Brahmasthanam celebrations has energized this institution to move forward with better performance and to get into the full swing of academic activity on June 12, 2019.

With the divine blessings of our Holy Mother, the academic performance of the students of Class 10 was excellent. Twenty-six students had appeared for the 2019 CBSE Class 10 Board Exam. Nine students scored A-1 grade, 16 got distinction and one student got first class.

We begin each day with meditation and morning prayers in the school assembly. Students are divided into four houses and each house is assigned weekly duties. Every student of each house is given the opportunity to present any item in the school assembly. This includes, thought for the day, quiz, storytelling, speech on any topic and news headlines.

We have well-equipped science lab, computer lab and library. Each classroom has a smart screen and students enjoy learning the smart way. Students can select any one co-curricular item such as Karate, dance, art or music and they are trained in these activities.

Classes for students of Class 10 commenced with vilakku pooja in the month of April. On June 12, 2019, Reopening Day and World Environment Day celebrations were conducted in a grand manner. Bri. Varadamrita Chaitanyaji, Head of Mata Amritanandamayi Math, Manjeri was the Chief Guest. Investiture ceremony was also conducted on June 12th to introduce and honour the newly elected student leaders for the academic year 2019-20. Smt. Radha Kanneri, Retd. HM of GGHSS, Manjeri was the Chief Guest.

On June 21st, our students performed Yoga in connection with International Day of Yoga. Sub-judge and secretary of Manjeri District Legal Service Authority, Smt. Mini and Deputy Collector, Dr. J.O. Arun were the Chief Guests. Students also took part in the Yoga Day celebrations conducted by AYUDH of Manjeri Ashram.

The New Indian Express, Kozhikode Division conducted a yoga seminar and also honoured our Class 10 students who were toppers in the 2019 CBSE Class10 Board Exams. Dr. Sathyanathan was the Chief Guest.

To develop love and respect towards parents, we conducted Guru pada puja, Matru pada puja, and Pitru pada puja on July 16th as part of Gurupoornima celebrations. Bri. Varadamrita Chaitanyaji guided the students and parents in performing the puja.

Ramayana Month was celebrated from July 17th to August 17th. Kshetra Samrakshana Samithi District President and State Executive Committee Member Smt. Kalyanikutti Amma was the Chief Guest. To nurture an interest in our epics, Ramayana recitation competition and a quiz on Ramayana were conducted.

Kargil Diwas was celebrated on July 26th by our school to honour the brave heroes of the Kargil War and also to bring an awareness among our students about the sacrifice of our brave Indian Army. Retd. Captain Janardanan Sir of Melakkam, Manjeri was the Chief Guest.

Amrita Arts and Literary Fest was conducted on August 2nd and 3rd. TV Artist Sri Sarath Chandran was the Chief Guest. Winners of the Fest took part in the Malappuram Sahodaya Kalotsavam. Amaya of Class 10 won second position in English essay writing competition; many other students performed well and scored good grades.

On account of floods, Independence Day was celebrated in a quiet manner on August 15th. Vice Principal Smt. Indu Ma hoisted the flag.

Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna was celebrated in a colourful manner on August 22nd. Sri Sajeev sir, Vehicles Manager of Amrita Institutions was the Chief Guest.

Onam and Teachers’ Day were celebrated on September 5th in a grand manner. Bri. Varadamrita Chaitanyaji was the Chief Guest.

Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated on October 2nd as Swachhata Diwas. Our students and teachers took active part in cleaning the school and other public areas.

In connection with Vijaya Dashami, students kept their books for Vidya Pooja on October 7th at the Brahmasthanam temple, Manjeri.

Vigilance Awareness Week and Rashtriya Ekta Diwas were observed to make our students aware of the importance of honesty and national unity.

Personality Development Camps were conducted for students by AYUDH Coordinator Br. Prajithji on November 8th and by Br. Ashokji on November 25th.

Study tours for students were conducted during the months of November and December.

Exhibition and Cookery shows were conducted to encourage students to exhibit their creativity as well as culinary skills. Smt. Radha Kanneri and Smt. Jayasree, Senior Science teacher of Pattarkulam LP School, Manjeri were the Chief Guests.

Kids’ activities, Club activities and English Language activities are conducted regularly to encourage students to work together, gain confidence and learn more and more through group activities. As part of Amritam Projects, students are involved in various activities to teach them to be loving and kind to animals, plants and the poor and needy. Students are blessed on their birthdays as well.

 Teachers attended workshops and training sessions to update themselves and improve their teaching skills. Parent – teacher meetings were conducted for improving the performance of students. Periodic tests, exams and pre-board exams are conducted for better academic performance of the students.

Our students won the 2nd Runners-up trophy in the Sub-district Fencing Championship and performed very well in the State Fencing Championship; three students got selected to the National Level Fencing Championship.

With the divine guidance of Amma, our staff work as a team to achieve Amma’s vision with a burning desire to scale the lofty heights of personal, social and spiritual attainment. It is our aim to develop awareness and feeling of responsibility and duty towards the society and nation in our students.

I thank all the members of the school advisory board, parents, well-wishers and my dedicated staff for all the help, support, and encouragement given to this event and more to come. I take this opportunity to thank all our dear students who have worked to uphold and elevate the good name of Amrita Vidyalayam. 

I offer my words at the lotus feet of our most beloved Divine Mother Satguru Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi and reverentially express my gratitude to Amma for all that we were able to achieve so far, and pray for her continued blessings and guidance. May Divine blessings shower on one and all forever.

Thank You.  Om Amriteshwaryai Namaha!